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Sodax, the PREMIUM cooler worldwide

SODAX, the leading product in the water world , is the first “plug & play” unit among the water dispensers on the market. Compact in dimensions, innovative in design, SODAX dispenses cold, hot, extra hot and sparkling water. It can work connected to the water supply or with an internal reservoir (2,5 lts.). It is provided with its own carbon filter and UV-lamp, a rechargeable Co2 bottle, all inside the unit. It has a modern and friendly touch-screen, which offers many settings: water temperature (cold or hot), pre-set volume, energy saving, adjustable soda, etc.
Available in 4 colors

FLUID The new postmix dispensing tower by Bevco.

Fluid is one of the new entries in Bevco dispensing towers postmix range. The internal structure is the same for all the models (skeletal) and it allows the customization of the exterior and the graphical parts according to different design requirements. The stainless steel cladding, equipped with LED lighting on all sides, is completely customizable. An LCD display can also be installed , to be used as advertising space or to present new products.

ITP, the new ISOTECH PLUS tecnology

Isotech plus® is the new, patented, innovative material that replaces polyurethane foam. Easily removable from the tank and 100% recyclable. This new tecnology has been applied to all Bevco premix coolers and, together with new high-efficiency components (compressor, fan motor, agitator pump) has allowed to manufacture a cooler range ensuring 30% higher performance, if compared to the traditional systems.

The new vitreus fonts

Vitreous is a highly resistant material and thanks to its elasticity any shape can be made, matching the creativity of the designer. Glazes gloss and the opportunity to personalize the whole surface allows us to reach incomparable aesthetic results and a strong marketing impact on the bar counter with your BRAND in the foreground.

Atlantic & Aquavert, our new proposal.

The ideal combination of filtered sparkling water dispensing for the HO.RE.CA market . The cooler has a vertical shape, for minimum space under the counter. Available in two models for dispensing ambient, cold and sparkling water. The Atlantic tower, with its new elliptical keyboard, controls both volume and simultaneous dispensing of cold and sparkling water.

INFINITY PRO, the newest water cooler at Bevco

Hi-tech materials, minimal design: these are the strengths of this new cooler which has been presented in the latest international fairs. A reliable and well tested “technical heart” ensures high quality sparkling water. The IsotechPlus® technology guarantees the best efficiency and lower consumption. The sensitive touch buttons allow cold and sparkling water to be dispensed simultaneously. All features that makes Infinity Pro the new benchmark for the HO.RE.CA market.


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