Castelletto Monferrato 21 July 2017

BEVCO, the leading beverage equipment group, acquires 100% of Sodastream Professional


BEVCO, the renowned and well-established Italian brand, founded by the merger of two historic companies in the equipment beverage sector, BREW SERVICE and NUTI, is pleased to inform you that it has, as of June 29th 2017, acquired 100% of SODASTREAM PROFESSIONAL srl from SODASTREAM INTERNATIONAL BV, confirming its growth in the global market and strengthening its position of excellence in technology and production.

SODASTREAM PROFESSIONAL will immediately adopt the designation CEM INDUSTRIES that will remain a separate company, but controlled entirely by Bevco.

BEVCO, comprising Brewservice, Nuti, Sodax and, today, CEM INDUSTRIES, form together with WATERLINE, AMG and PLASTIK a unique industrial pole in the beverage and water treatment sector in the world.

CEM INDUSTRIES, a historic company in the industry and a strong brand around the world, offers a wide range of equipment and accessories of high quality and design, addressed to the dispensing of beer, water and soft drinks in all application areas: home, office, horeca.

CEM INDUSTRIES thus represents an optimal completion of BEVCO’s industrial and commercial activities.


“We are very pleased with the acquisition of SODASTREAM PROFESSIONAL, as we believe it has a special strategic value for our group,” says Roberto Marchetti, Chairman of BEVCO and, now, CEM INDUSTRIES, “ Integrating perfectly into our industrial project and allowing us to compete in world markets with even more conviction, determination and awareness.

We are combining the best in technological and manufacturing excellence in the industry, enhancing the people who are part of it. It is not by chance that I wanted to join me on the new board MARCO CELLI, which boasts more than thirty years of experience in the field and FRANCESCO PAOLICELLI, already General Manager of BREW SERVICE and NUTI.

This transaction “concludes Roberto Marchetti” constitutes another important step in confirming our leadership in a sector where we have addressed our most important investments over the last 15 years.”


Roberto Marchetti
Chairman of Bevco