The equipment to be below the sink Easy Gas has the function to withdraw potable water from the water mains , to purify it from unpleasant odors and tastes , it is delivered at ambient temperature , with or without addition of carbon dioxide . In the under sink takes up very little space and can be connected to any type of CO2 cylinder , or disposable ricaricabile.x x The level of carbonation in the water is favored by low temperature of the incoming water and the residence time of ' water in the carbonator . Faucet not included . Bodywork skin plate .


Power supply voltage: 220/240V - 50Hz
Absorption: 100 watt
weight: 7 kg
Supply: From drinking water Network
Filtration: W2P
Carbonation pump: Boster 80Lt/h


base: 39 cm
Height: 34.5 cm
depth: 12 cm

Functions naturale cromo