The below level easy filter has the function to withdraw potable water from the water mains, to purify it from unpleasant odors and flavors and to deliver its power at room temperature, in the absence of, bacteria, viruses and materials biologigi. E'consists of a microfiltration system, a count liters / hour / flow, a UV stabilizer from 11 watts and a probe anti flooding with relative control unit.


Power supply voltage: 220/240V - 50Hz
Absorption: 65 watt
weight: 4,5 kg
Supply: from drinking water Network
Filtration: W2P
Carbonation pump: 300Lt/h
volume carbonator CARBC101: 1 lt
volume carbonator: CARBC102: 2 lt


base: 39 cm
height: 34.5 cm
depth: 12 cm

Function naturale